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Working With Young People Displaying Difficult Behaviour

Behaviours that people who support children and young people may find challenging:

  • Behaviour that may put a child’s safety at risk
  • Being disrupt within the home
  • Prevents the child from taking part in ordinary social, educational and leisure activities
  • Affects the child’s development and their ability to learn.


What support we can offer

  • Challenging behaviour can usually be reduced or avoided with good support.
  • Some children with learning disabilities may have challenging behaviour in their early years that improves as they get older and are supported to develop better communication skills.
  • Support should be flexible and personalised to the needs and circumstances of individual families.
  •  Support should be available early enough to prevent behaviours either developing or getting worse.
  • It really helps to plan ahead – ideally before a crisis occurs.
  • Every child whose behaviour challenges should have a clear plan setting out the support they need immediately, and the support they are likely to need in the years ahead.
  • Families of children whose behaviour challenges have high levels of stress and often have emotional or physical health problems of their own. These difficulties are often made worse by the problems many families experience in getting effective help and support.

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