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Working With Families on the Edge of Care

Working with families on the edge of care is often associated with the boundaries surrounding care services, regularly seen as a provisional service. Edge of care work offers families help when they are going through a period of instability or having problems. This approach represents a fluid and more responsive approach to meeting needs of families and children in care; it allows social workers a range of broader options, with the ultimate aim of longer lasting stability for the families and children.

Problems with families and children generally occur when going through a transitional period, these periods can be a result of child leaving the family home, the event of a child going into care or someone in care moving into independent living. Often the group of young people most at risk are adolescents aged between 10 and 15, as they have a higher level of awareness, which a younger age group may not have, as well as they are going through a period which often moulds their identity. These transitional periods can cause certain stresses and problems for families and children,  working with families on the edge of care can offer multiple options for social workers and different professionals choose from and the service allows a fluid and a targeted personal approach to each person or situation.

Another situation working on the edge of care can be a successful is engaging with the families in the family home, an example can be respite services, which can provide momentary or a series of short terms breaks for parents and children. This service allows both the parents and children to have a period of downtime to compose and reflect on what may be happening in their lives. The long term aim of respite services is to try and prevent the family from breaking down and enable a stable and sustained living environment for parents and children.

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