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Systemic Family Therapy

Systemic Family Therapy is a approach that works with families, investigating the close relationships between family members. These close relationships understandably get into difficulties due to changes in life or family differences or feeling the strain knowing a family member is going through trouble.

Systemic Therapy stems from System Therapy, which has the main aim of investigating groups of objects that work together to produce a result, similar to the family unit. However when this family unit breaks down this therapy can help, in the context of the family framework therapist can help solve issues, concentrating on the problems as a whole family rather than working them out individually.

Sessions can often help with distressing family events such as, divorce and separation, illness or death of a loved one, and transitional family developments that can cause upset. Understanding these issues and with therapist providing support families get given the tools to; improve knowledge on how their family functions, set goals to resolve problems and improve communications skills between family members.

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