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Social Pedagogy

Social Pedagogy is a form of holistic practice, using theory and practice to aid learning in a child’s life. This form of learning connects a child to the community and the natural world allowing them to develop their sense of identity, meaning and understand their purpose in life.  Often Social Pedagogy is empowering and breaks down potential social hierarchies granting a level learning experience for all. The approach uses everyday activities for experiential learning and allows the child to learn by doing and being.


Often sessions would be based on creativity, such as using outdoor spaces, creating dens or activities could be music based with the key aim of the child to learn about themselves whilst doing an activity they could enjoy. A frequent theme throughout Social Pedagogy is about valuing and respecting individuals, understanding a child’s own personality and uniqueness with the overall outcome of enabling the child to fulfil their full  potential. Whilst valuing and understanding a clients needs Social Pedagogy is a way to respond to an individuals needs and can help with specific personal needs as this form of therapy is very adaptable.


This process often utilises kinesthetic learning (Learning by doing) which can sometimes mean information could be missed. Therefore it is essential that participants reflect on what they have done and achieved in each session, to have the most effective experience. Social Pedagogy is a fun and flexible way of learning and can help children achieve something that they may find difficult to understand using conventional ways of learning.


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