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Practice Teaching

Practise teaching is vital in aiding growth and development in social work education. We have a number of excellently qualified social workers who can assist students through their placements. Our practise educators take overall responsibility for the student’s learning and assessments, utilising information from his/her own experience and other sources. We know practise teaching is a great opportunity for any social work student and we make sure that they fulfil their best potential. Our practise educators will be able offer students their own personal experiences, professional knowledge, skills and attitudes. This process allows students to form their own professional identities and our qualified social workers will aid in blossoming the students talents and help them grow.


What can we offer?


  • Highly Qualified practise educators with many years experience of social worker.
  • We provide a induction programme – A meeting with the student and the learning advisers to draw a comprehensive plan to ensure that the student achieves their full potential.
  • Provide details of health and safety protocols.
  • Allocate  time for one-on-one student supervision (weekly meetings).
  • Enable the student to understand legislation underpinning social work practises.
  • Complete reports on how well the student is doing, giving regular feedback.
  • Advise immediately if the student may not pass and try to combat the issues surrounding why.


Excel Swts can offer businesses that do not have there own practise educators; specialist experts to help students in their placements and give them professional guidance, supervision and enhance the students knowledge. Our aim is to help you as a company, maximise the students success inside the business; as well as help the student to achieve the greatest possible outcome from there social work education. Practise teaching is an essential part of the social work education process and what we offer allows all parties involves to reap the benefits of the process.


For more information about this service, please contact – Tel: 0844 854 2994 Email: Admin@excelswts.co.uk


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