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Person Centred Counselling

Person Centred Counselling is an approach developed by American psychologist Carl Rodgers, with the aims of pursuing self healing and understanding of personal potential.

This form of therapy is non judgemental and usually client led, with therapists viewing situations from the clients point of view, allowing clients to keep control of the content and the pace of sessions.  Person centred counselling grants individuals the opportunity to explore themselves and their feelings. Allowing clients to address specific psychological habits or patterns of thinking.


Our social workers can guide clients through this process and make sure that every person is valued and understood regarding the process. We have well trained professionals who are honest and understand the importance of being non-judgemental throughout counselling. Person centred therapy facilitates personal growth, by allowing them to explore and utilise their own strengths and personal identity. Sequentially leading to an individual overcoming problems and helping with personal relationships and the outside world. Our trained person-centred social workers will aid this process and provide vital support.


Ordinarily, this model of counselling can help all ages with a range of personal issues. Person centred counselling can help individuals overcome problems such as, depression, anxiety, childcare and alcohol addictions.


Overcoming these issues is often very difficult, therefore having the best care and support is essential. Person Centred Counselling enables healthier relationships, improves self-expression and allows better self-understanding and awareness. Overall person centred counselling opens the possibility to a better sense of healthy change.


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