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Missing from Home Return Interviews

The act of running away or going missing from home or care often indicates that a child may be at risk of harm. As children in this situation regularly have to deal with problems and stress, it is important that a child is offered support after a missing from home report is received. This allows a safe space to chat and in some cases, protects them from harm and prevents the risks from escalating further. Missing from Home Return Interviews allow a level of support and understanding that grant better transparency and a greater overall picture of the situation.

In-depth interviews are taken and best carried out by an independent professional person who is trained and qualified to follow up on any issues that may arise in the process. After the interview, it may emerge that certain actions may need to be put in place, as in some cases a child may indicate they are in danger or being harmed. Identifying and dealing with these problems would be necessary. This is why it is important to understand and address the reasons why a child has run away, with the ultimately goal of safety for a child. Missing From Home Return Interviews, allow a child the space to discuss their personal issues and is one of the best ways of dealing with a potentially difficult situation.

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