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Managing Contact


As children are put into care, often leaving their birth families it can be a stressful time for the child as well as some family members, therefore contact sessions between the two parties can be a way of healing and controlling the child’s feelings. These sessions allow children to keep a sense of identity from their original family.

Contact between children and their families can often be strained or difficult when a child is in care or away from their birth families. As part of managing contact social workers work with the participates of the sessions and understand their best interest before contact.

When contact occurs problems can arise, for example the participating parties, contact can be unreliable, as the parent did not turn up or are consistently late. On the other hand many young people have unresolved attachment difficulties which can reoccur when seeing their birth family. As well as contact between a child and their family could lead to diminished influence of the foster carer. Managing contact can help resolve these issues and help range of problems what can occur when contact happens.

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