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Life Story Work

Life Story work is the process of going back through a child’s life and documenting how they have come to be the person that they are today. It is important for children to know their history and for them to have something physical that shows them the important people in their life. By a child documenting their life it allows a greater understanding of their background and put their live into perspective. It can give a child or young person a sense of identity and give them knowledge of their history. It is also a great starting point to learn from the past and look to future. Life story work often is implicated when a child is in a reasonably stable place in their live. We can provide trained professionals who have vast experience and understanding who can help in this process and soothe any negative implication if they arise. We can help carers and businesses recognise potential problems and outline the principles of this process so that all parties are able to have the best possible outcomes.

The main aim of this process is to produce something that is dedicated to a child’s life, therefore it belongs to the child and should be readily available to them. Our social workers are responsible for ensuring that accurate information is gathered and that the life story work is relevant. What a child should out is their life story work varies from child to child, things which could be included are photos, holiday memories, birthdays or religious events. As well as this educational achievements, celebrations and successful experiences can also be included as a great way to build self-esteem of a young person.

This process can be very rewarding for a child or young person if they may be going through problems and seem a little be lost in life. It allows a platform where they are able to express themselves and form identity which may have been lost.

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