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Family Group Conferencing

Family Group Conferences are led by families to try and make decisions to help a child who is at risk. Family Group Conferences are voluntary and include the voices and opinions of the child involved so that they can have input into the actions taken to help them. Family Group Conferences involve the family, social workers and other professionals. There is also a Conference coordinator who will liaise with the family and help them prepare for the conference.

Family group conferences can be used in any serious situation where a plan and decision needs to be made about a vulnerable adult or child. Our social workers aid in the family group conferences as mainly this process is used in child welfare. Often when a child is at risk of going into care, tackle anti-social behaviour, address youth offending and in some cases planning for vulnerable adults.

Family group conferencing is effective in making safe plans for children, allowing many ways for them to stay within the family network as an alternative to going into care. We offer social workers who are able to aid in this process and help families who are interested in this service as well as sort any issue and help with the overall result.

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