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Celebrating National Storytelling Week

National Storytelling Week

Celebrating National Storytelling Week

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National Storytelling Week

This week is National Storytelling week, so we will be focusing our blog on the importance of storytelling in a therapeutic setting. In this blog post we will be talking about both Therapeutic Life Story Work and therapeutic stories.

We think storytelling is really important, and love that the Society of Storytelling are working hard to promote oral storytelling. This type of storytelling can be a really important tool in helping a child overcome or deal with challenges.

Therapeutic Life Story Work

At Excel SWTS we are working closely with Richard Rose to deliver a diploma in Therapeutic Life Story Work. We are also offering to support children through using this technique. Richard Rose is the pioneer of this therapeutic approach. We are so pleased to be working with him to help children and young people recover from traumas they may have faced.

A child is given a ‘This is Me’ booklet when undertaking Therapeutic Life Story Work, which highlights their personal history. This allows a person to explore their own past and how it may affect them. Discovering their past allows children to reflect, and go on to live bright and positive futures.

Therapeutic Storytelling

Therapeutic Stories are stories specifically designed to help person understand a problem or challenge they face. For example, if a child is lonely, we may devise a story about a character overcoming loneliness by making a new friend. There are many of these stories available, but they can be especially effective when written specifically for a child. This way we can take their own needs and interests into account, making the story more suitable for them.

Over National Storytelling Week, we will be sharing some top tips on our Facebook page for therapeutic stories. We’re also revealing some exciting development days with Richard Rose himself. Please share and comment any of your own tips – happy storytelling!

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